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Belgian Police: Moroccan Migrant Raped up to 230 Women Since 2015

A serial rapist from Morocco — who also robbed and drugged his victims — could have assaulted as many as 230 people since 2015, Belgian investigators say.

The revelation about the 36-year-old migrant, who La Dernière Heure reports has been in prison for the last five months serving time for crimes including rape, assault, embezzlement, theft, and breach of trust, was made by Belgian police last week.

As the count of known victims of the Moroccan rose from 19 to 22, police disclosed the man known to the press as Fouad K. had contact with 230 women in 11 months based on his mobile phone records. The rapist used internet profiles to lure women to meet up with him, and investigators are appealing for other victims to come forward.

On the dating sites Badoo and Twoo, Fouad K. presented himself as an Italian going by the names of Raf, Rafke, Rafaello, Roberto, and Raphael Bastiaans. Using a picture of a cyclist to ensnare women, the Moroccan claimed to be an IT technician working at Telenet, Belgium’s largest provider of cable broadband services.

But on Redlights, a ‘sexual services’ website where escorts advertise, the Moroccan went by the name of “Mark Gigolo”, and wrote in his profile: “You’re bored, your husband is often away, you’re separated, you’re looking for affection, sign me and we’ll have a good time together.”

Fouad K. arranged to meet his victims at their homes or in car parking lots, where he would offer a drink which police say contained — unbeknownst to its imbibers — “a powerful sedative and an ecstasy, a very dangerous combination that can be fatal”.

After ingesting the ‘liquid ecstasy’ laced concoction, which the Moroccan typically mixed with fruit juice or limoncello, the women lost consciousness.

“He knew that the [drug] was effective for two to three hours. If the woman woke up earlier, he did not hesitate to knock her out. But that was rarely the case. He was usually long gone [by the time victims had woken up], but not without stealing cash, bank cards, smartphones, etc.,” said La Dernière Heure.

The Belgian newspaper also reported the Moroccan, whose real day job was as a delivery man, got married in 2014 but noted his wife had no idea of her husband’s criminal activities.

Described by those who know her as a “shy” woman who believed she had found a partner for life in Fouad K., La Dernière Heure says the pair have now separated but remain ‘friends’ on Facebook.


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